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Video Gallery

India's First Flower Subscription Service (Fresh Pooja Flowers online) -

Checkout the India's first flower subscription service, that provide fresh pooja flowers to your doorstep. Flowers that are directly harvested from the farm and because of the highly tech packaging system this flowers can stay fresh up to 5 times long as compare to normal flowers.


Why do women in India apply Red Kum Kum -

Checkout this amazing video, where Sadhguru explain the significance and the spiritual meaning of Red Kum Kum.


19 Avatars of Lord Shiva (Kannada) -

19 avatars of Lord Shiva in Kannada


What is Spirituality - 

We always use the word spirituality, but what exactly it means? This video explained the meaning of Spirituality in simple words.


Nirjala Ekadashi vrat Katha (Hindi) - 

Know why Nirjala Vrat is so auspicious for us. What exactly it means and spiritual science behind fasting.


Hindu Mythology creation story - 

What do you know about Mythology and the creation of this term. Watch this video and know the story of Hindu Mythology creation story.


Krishna Bhajan Song - 

Here is Lord Krishna bhajan song that you can play every morning and can make your day lovely and full of joy:


Lord Krishna explained theory of relativity to Brahma -

We have read many stories about Lord Krishna and many of us follow to his guidance. But do you know Lord Krishna once explained the theory of relativity to Brahma. Watch this video to know more:


Parallel Universe and time -

Every thing you need to know about Parallel Universe:


Varalakshmi Katha (Telugu) -

Varalakshmi puja, one of the biggest festival that is celebrated in southern states of India. Watch this video of Varalakshmi Katha in Telugu:


Flowers that's offered to a specific deities - 

According ancient rituals, every flowers has it's own significance to a specific deities. Watch this video to know what are the flowers that's offered to a specific deities:


Shree Vishnu Mantra -

Watch this amazing Shree Vishnu Mantra video. 


Satyanarayana vrat Katha -

Satyanarayana puja is a religious worship of Lord Vishnu. The word Satya Narayana derived from the Sanskrit which means "The highest being who is embodiment of truth".


Lord Shiva Namaskaratha Mantra - 

Watch this Lord Shiva Namaskaratha Mantra:


7 Unknown facts about Onam celebration, you should know - 

Checkout this amazing video, Seven unknown facts about Onam festival you should know. Onam is one of the biggest festival that's celebrated in southern state of India, Kerala. People believed that "King Mahabali" visit on this day to meet their people.