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Jaya Javeri: the Art Of Living

Jaya Javeri: Artist 

Jaya Javeri swears that she was very boring growing up - the model daughter, never partying and first in class. “I was so nerdy!” 

But nobody who meets her today would believe it: from the very first moment you meet Jaya she exudes warmth, energy and a joie de vivre that is contagious. It is clear that here is a woman full of fire and a passion for life. 

Even as a child, Jaya acknowledges that her passion was strong: “Art was my first love,” she explains. Today she recounts how as a fresh graduate, a steady career in art was unheard of. So she chose to work in the creative industry but at a more conventional job. But while she looks back fondly she was acutely aware that something was missing -- namely the place art took in her life.

This is where the second love of her life came in: her wonderful husband of 34 years Hem, who she met when she was 16 years old. He gave her the push she needed and told her, “You should be doing today what you want to do for the rest of your life.” She realised then that for her, that was art. Having come to the realisation that she could not only be home with her kids but also pursue art she quit her 9-5. “It was a challenge but I persevered, then obstacles don’t matter.”

 Today, her work is widely known and loved for the way it invites the viewer in. The canvas beckons with depth and playful light to have the viewer come in, and spend awhile in the midst of vast spaces of deep hues. She explains, “The palette knife has become my trademark, it adds texture to the art, feels like an extension of my hand.

She cites Hem as her inspiration: he may not have any interest in art and museums, but he pushed her to be independent in every way and always applauded her. She recounts a story of how once one of her clients sent them a Christmas greeting that said Mr. and Mrs. Jaya Javeri. She still remembers how proud Hem was, and how long he kept that card. She credits him for teaching her to not depend on anything on anyone, and to not have expectations. That’s why she always tells her kids: “Marry your best friend!” 

She explains, “I have learned over the years that you have to trust that you have strength, we’re tougher than we think we are, and can get through anything. It always helps to persevere, and go about it quietly, just do your thing.”

Surrounded by her art, it is easy to see the fruits of her relentless passion and hard work. Today, Jaya mentions how integral to her life it has become. “I try to paint everyday. It’s like my Ikegai, it’s my reason for being. It’s been a refuge to relax, to express myself, to capture beauty. It is a major source of happiness and economic independence. I can’t imagine my life without art: it has always just been there. I don’t think I ever analysed it but it has always been a part of my being!”