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Flower Care

Once you get beautiful flowers, it’s hard to let them go. Nobody likes to see their beautiful blooms droop and lose life, and we at Rose Bazaar want to make sure your bouquet stays healthy and happy until we arrive with a new surprise in a week.

We’ve done the groundwork: the best farming practices, locally grown and curated with care to ensure you a seven-day vase life. But the labour of love always bears sweet fruits, and for those with itching green thumbs looking to give their flowers a little boost, here are a few tips:

Flower food:

Ever wonder what that mysterious little packet of white powder that you receive with your flowers is? No, we’re not sending you illegal contraband! What we’re sending is much sweeter. That little packet is flower food: your key to happy, healthy blooms that will stand tall and bright for much longer. We send you just the right amount of flower food, a mix of nutrients that your flowers need to get their daily dose of love and fully develop.


Adding the flower food to the clean, cool water in the vase will ensure that the lifespan of your flowers is extended by 60% longer! The flower food is odourless and dissolves clearly in the water, but your blooms will know it’s there. The flower food encourages water uptake and food consumption as well as lowering the pH of the water for optimal conditions.

Let them drink:

And while you’re putting your flowers into the vase, don’t forget that you can take the horse to water, but you have to let it drink too! Before putting your flowers in the water, take a sharp, clean knife and trim the bottom of the stems at a 45-degree angle. This makes sure that the largest surface area of the stem is exposed to the water, allowing the stem to drink up heartily!

Another little-known tip is that you should always avoid letting leaves dip into the water. We send you the flowers with leaves cleared away at the bottom of the stems, so ensure that when you trim the stems to put them into your vase, you keep the greedy leaves above the water line.

 If you’re feeling the urge to be extra careful, another tip is to recut the flower stems every three days, and changing the water as well. Although the flower food will go out with the water, a little spoon of sugar in the water can give your flowers some of the boost they miss without the flower food. Clean water without bacteria keeps the flowers fresh for longer.

 Lastly, remember that flowers are delicate too! We wear scarves, hats and sunglasses, all to protect ourselves from the harsh sun of the Indian summer, yet forget that our blooms are baking by the window. Remember to place your flowers away from draughts, direct sunlight and heat sources. And here’s the kicker that many people don’t know: even ripening fruit can fasten the blooming of flowers.


We hope that our flowers make you pause and appreciate the day every morning. When taking the time to care and tend to these blooms, remember to take a deep breath and find a moment of peace for yourself as well.