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The Bougainvillea Home Decor Box!

The bougainvillea is referred to as the “Paper Flower” because of its thin and papery bracts. The most common bougainvillea colours are purple or magenta. 

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Not only are these flowers aesthetically pleasing but there are multiple health benefits to them as well. 

For example, the leaves of the bougainvillea are used to cure a variety of disorders like diarrhoea, reduce stomach acidity, cure diabetes 2, cough and sore throat, the infusion of the flowers are used as a treatment for low blood pressure and lastly the stems help with hepatitis.  

In order to gain these medicinal properties, you need to boil the flowers and bracts with water, and drink it. 

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Different parts of the world have different significance and symbolization of the bougainvillea but the main claim is that it symbolizes a sign of welcoming visitors and beauty. Some cultures also consider this plant as a symbol of peace. 

Whatever type or colour of this plant you chose, you know this gorgeous flower is the perfect addition to any collection. 

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