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Rose Bazaar X Phool: Natural Incense Sticks with your Puja Flowers

Just like how we believe that flowers are a way of life, we also believe that protecting our environment should be a way of life too! At Rose Bazaar we take certain steps to ensure we are doing our part in protecting the environment by sourcing our products locally as our flowers are fresh from our farm as we grow the roses ourselves with the newest farming techniques. We use the hydroponics farming method so that the flowers grown have minimal wastage. In our packaging, you will see that we don’t use plastic. We have made sure to reduce the amount of non recyclable materials used in our supply line.  

Looking at HelpUsGreen’s ethical and humane methods to protect the environment is what attracted us at Rose Bazaar to want to collaborate with them.

Phool consists of luxury incense sticks and cones that are made from temple flower waste. Their products are hand made by women using their flower recycling technology. 

It all started when they went to see the Ghats of the river Ganga and saw the amount of flower waste from the nearby temples being thrown into the river. They then looked at this problem as an opportunity to start their company HelpUsGreen. Their mission was to preserve the river Ganga and empower the local people by giving them an opportunity to earn a living. 

HelpUsGreen has become the world’s first profitable solution to the huge ‘temple-waste’ problem in India. Everyday they collect around 8.4 tons of the flower waste from temples in Uttar Pradesh. This flower waste is then hand rolled into organic, biodegradable, charcoal free incense sticks. They have created a new economic and profitable model leading towards a change. 

Don't forget to log onto our website to get your hands on this collaboration. 


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  • Thank you…for more information visit our site..
    This incense is made using natural ingredients and was the first incense originally offered by Nitiraj in 1979 in the European market.

  • Thank you…for more information visit this site..
    Nitiraj Original has been recommended by meditation, yoga and feng shui instructors in Europe for over 30 years. This type of incense is known as a masala which means spice


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