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Farm fresh flowers delivered right to your doorstep!

Rose Bazaar, is an online subscription model consisting of puja flowers and
home décor bouquets.
Our traditional puja flower box consists of jasmine, shevanthi, lotus, karishma
roses, paneer roses and more, delivered to your right to your doorstep hassale-
free every morning! Receive these assortment of traditional flowers for all your
puja needs. We offer three sizes - Small (50 grams), Medium (75 grams) and
Large (100 grams). Choose your customised delivery schedule - whether you
want the flowers delivered everyday, on alternate days or on a specific day
every week - let us know, and we'll cater to your needs!

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With our home décor box you have to just subscribe once and let us do the rest:
with one click of a button ensure that flowers reach your doorstep periodically
from our selection, with no hassle on your end!

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At Rose Bazaar we take certain steps to ensure we are doing our part in
protecting the environment by sourcing our products locally as our flowers are
fresh from our farm as we grow the roses ourselves with the newest farming
techniques. We use the hydroponics farming method so that the flowers grown
have minimal wastage. In our packaging, you will see that we don’t use plastic.
We have made sure to reduce the amount of non recyclable materials used in
our supply line.  
Make flowers a way of life with Rose Bazaar. The journey starts at our partner
farms and doesn't end even after your doorstep. That means we care: for our
customers, our growers and every hand that touches the flowers on their way to
It's never been this easy to fall in love with flowers!

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  • Hi, I placed one time order on 14 th of this month. Paid Rs105 through paytm. But I did not get delivery. Actually I want to order for monthly. But I want to see quality than I placed once. I don’t know whom to contact. Please check.
    Satish Chandra Kumar Deva
    Hno 1-1-238/1/1, 1stfloor, street no 5
    Hyderabad 500020

    Satish Chandra Kumar Deva
  • Plz deliver flowers weekly twice

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  • OrGIfPLcw


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