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Facts You Didn’t Know about Jasmine Flowers

Facts You Didn’t Know about Jasmine Flowers

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There is something truly extraordinary about the everyday  Jasmine flower or Mallige Hoovu. It is not unusual to find it adorning women’s hair across ages or lying wrapped as hand-made garlands in the basket of a roadside flower vendor. Yet, every time we are in the presence of its fragrance, it is impossible not to be transported into a spiritual realm of the highest order. It is no wonder that many facts about this simple looking flower remain elusive.


The etymology of jasmine traces its origin to the Persian term Yāsamīn which means “God’s gift”.  


While we are familiar with the auspicious presence of jasmine flowers at Hindu weddings and temple proceedings, they have a prominent presence in the rest of Asia, too, featuring in many traditional rituals and ceremonies. From the Syrian capital of Damascus going by the name of “city of Jasmine” to Indonesia, Pakistan and the Philippines recognising it as their national flower, the beautiful jasmine has a unique significance within Asia.


Jasmine is also mentioned within Hindu scriptures in the description of Kamadeva, who symbolises human desire or love. The iconography of Kamadeva is often in the form of a young, handsome man carrying a bow and multiple arrows. These arrows are embellished with 5 different flowers, among which is the jasmine flower.


Jasmine is widely known to hold medicinal properties, making it an important natural remedy for a variety of illnesses. Jasmine oil is an essential oil often used as a stress reliever, antidepressant and generally pacify emotions. Similarly, jasmine tea is popular in East Asia and is known to be rich in antioxidants.


The scent of jasmine flowers is often used as a natural room freshener and as a component in soaps, talcum powder, perfumes and hair oils.

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