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Significance of Thamboolam | RoseBazaar |


What is Thamboolam?

Thamboolam is a combination of betel leaves along with betel nuts are offered in almost every ritual. Offering of betel leaves and betel nuts, collectively called Thamboolam.

Definition: Plwordnet-defs [noun]

A preparation combining betel leaf with areca nut and sometimes also with tobacco; it is chewed for its stimutant and psychoactive effects.

Significance of Thamboolam- 

In traditional houses you can find the fresh betel leaves, betel nuts, nut gall, turmeric, edible camphor and cardamom stored in a compartmentalized container. Thamboolam is basically seen while offering to god and goddess in rituals, marriage and other auspicious ceremonies.

The main part of the Thamboolam is the betel leaf which has enormous medical qualities and religious importance too.

Thamboola shows the appreciation gesture of the guest for visiting their home, just like while worshipping it shows the gesture towards deities.

Ingredients and Recipe of Thamboola-

Firstly, the tender leaves are soaked in water and picked and the  spine is gently peeled. The less spicy, light green leaf considered as female preferred over the dark green, spicy male version. A dash of lime paste is applied to the leaf, small quantities of nutmeg, nutgall, wild turmeric, edible camphor and cardamom added. Ingredients added have to be the right amount.

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