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Navrathri & Dussehra festival Flower packages delivery dates | Order now

Navrathri and Dussehra are one of the most famous and highly celebrated festivals in India. In different states, it’s celebrated in a different way such as in Gujrat Navrathri is celebrated with playing many games, dancing (Garba), singing and many more, In West Bengal, this festival is celebrated with deep devotion and also known as Durga Pooja, In south India, it’s celebrated by decorating their house with beautiful Dussehra dolls and flowers. It’s one of the important festivals for India.

To celebrate this special occasion of Navrathri and Dussehra festival, We Hoovu Fresh by Rose Bazaar come up with some special Navrathri & Dussehra festival pooja packages for you that you can celebrate with your family. 

Hoovu Fresh come up with 10 different varieties of festive packages -

  1. Pooja staples package (Get now)
  2. Dussehra special package (Get now)
  3. Dussehra celebration package (Get now)
  4. Dussehra extravagance package (Get now)
  5. Dussehra essentials package (Get now)
  6. Garland & Thorana package - Sevanthi (Get now)
  7. Garland & Thorana package - Rajnigandha (Get now)
  8. Dussehra extravagant  package - Rose (Get now)
  9. Dussehra extravagant package - Sevanthi (Get now)
  10. Dussehra extravagant package - Marigold (Get now)

Festival packages delivery dates :

Navrathri delivery dates - 

  • 16th October 2020 (Friday)
  • 19th October 2020 (Monday)

Dussehra delivery dates - 

  • 22nd October 2020 (Thursday)
  • 23rd October 2020 (Friday)
  • 24th October 2020 (Saturday)


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