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Goddesses Of Hoovu | International Women's day special

Hoovu is powered by women every day of the year and this International Women's Day, we want to highlight the divine in our own team. We believe that everyone has a piece of the Goddesses that they worship.

Goddesses Of Hoovu, As We See Them 

Hoovu Fresh team

  • Nagu (Goddess Durga) - The Fearless

Nagu started with Hoovu as a member of the packaging team. With her courage, today she not only heads the packaging team but also takes care of procurement!

  • Padmavati (Goddess Parvati) - The Caring & Motherly

In Hoovu’s Head Supervisor Padmavati, we see the glimpse of Goddess Parvati. Being the supervisor, she not only cares about people and their issues, she also brings tangible solutions to them. 

  • Vanaja (Goddess Lakshmi) - The Signifier Of Wealth & Abundance

Rightly said, the Lakshmi of team Hoovu is Vanaja. She was the first lady to join Hoovu and other ladies and the abundance followed her like a breeze!

  • Geetha (Goddess Saraswati) - Signifier Of Knowledge, wisdom & Music

Our Operations Head - Geetha, is Saraswati in a true sense. Our go-to person for every little thing, Geetha has an experience of 25+ years in the flower industry!

  • Tanushree (Goddess Kali) - The Destroyer Of Evil

The youngest employee at Hoovu, Tanushree plays the role of the destroyer of evils of the markets with her modern day skills!

  • Manjula (Goddess Ganga) - The Kind & Forgiving

Manjula at team Hoovu is the most kind and forgiving person one could ever meet! She in true sense represents Goddess Ganga here.

  • Lakshmi (Goddess Sita) - The Signifier Of Virtue & Endurance

Lakshmi runs a Farmer's Co-op with 1000+ farmers single handedly, with all her courage and endurance to make things move at Hoovu! 

  • Nagarathna & Kalavathy (Goddess Tulsi) - The Signifier Of Holiness 

Nagarathna & Kalavanthy are Goddess Tulsi of Hoovu. They are the ones everyone relies on when it comes to doing any sort of pooja in our office! You can read more about Kalavathi on our Employee Spotlights.

Besides our employees are the Founders of Hoovu - Rhea & Yeshoda Karuturi, who are leading the women empowered organization, taking it to newer heights every day, by catering farm fresh puja flowers every single day!