Badrinath Temple – Rosebazaar India

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Badrinath Temple

Badrinath also has historical significance because the temple here was installed by Adi Shankara. He set up his own people there. Even today, the descendants of the families that he set up traditionally, the Nambudiris, are the priests in the temple. Visually, this area is an incredible place. Adi Shankara was born in a place called Kaladi in Kerala over a thousand years ago. From Kaladi to Badrinath, the distance is more than three thousand kilometers by walk. Adi Shankara walked such distances not just south to north but also east to west.
He walked up and down the country thrice and east to west once.
The town is not very well kept, but if you look around at the rest of it, it is incredibly beautiful. From Govind Ghat to Badri, that 25-kilometer drive is probably the most incredible drive you can have anywhere in the world. I have traveled to many places but in this 25-kilometer drive, there are no words to describe how the mountains are.
When you travel to the Himalayas, you will wonder how anyone could have walked through this. Imagine the effort involved. The purpose of coming to the Himalayas is not to achieve something. This was an opportunity to simply be dwarfed – if not dissolved, at least to be dwarfed. You can’t believe that thousands of years of ago, people went into these mountains when there were no roads, automobiles or maps of where the mountain begins and where it ends. Just going. If you want to progress on the path of yoga, this is needed. Not knowing where the end is, simply keep going. “It doesn’t matter where it begins or where it ends, till I reach there, I simply keep going.” Unless a person has this attitude and strength within himself, the spiritual path is out of question.
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