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Sugar Cane & Sankranti

Sugarcane is considered spiritual on harvest festival at any part of the country. You can find sugarcane in Tamil Nadu (Pongal), Northern states (Sankranti), Punjab (Lodhi) to name a few. Sugarcane being the most important harvest of the season signifies prosperity and well being.

Sugarcane has many medical properties which is known to strengthen the stomach, kidneys, liver and the reproductive organs. On a spiritual note, it is seen in the hands of Goddess Lalitha Tripura Sundari, who holds a goad, a noose, an arrow of flowers, a sugarcane and a bow, which represents the mind and the five sense objects, that controls the kama - lust, krodha - anger, lobh - greed, moha - emotional attachment, mada or ahankara -pride, matsarya - envy, jealousy.

The sugarcane which is firm and straight symbolises a stern and a balanced mind that is controlling the five senses and fostering positive thought in one's being. It is also aimed at developing and nurturing a cordial relationship with family and friends. Underlying it all is the human instinct of joy, happiness and remembrance of the principle of the victory of good over evil in the constant struggle between them.

These are the various aspects of the spiritual significance of sugarcane in celebrating Makar Sankranti or Pongal, the Indian harvest festival. That is why Pongal decorations and celebrations are incomplete without sticks of sugarcane.

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