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Why is Bil Patre So Dear To Lord Shiva?


Maha Shivaratri is one of the largest festivals celebrated in India, where devotees worship Lord Shiva with all their heart, observe fast and chant mantras to please Him. Each devotee reaches the doorstep on Lord Shiva with a pooja thali which has all these ingredients - milk, water, black sesame seeds, fresh pooja flowers and most importantly, his dearest - Bil Patre

Lord Shiva and Parvathi

Do You Know Why Is Bil Patre So Much Dear To Lord Shiva?

According to the ancient Hindu scriptures, it is said that Bil Patre emerged from the sweat of Lord Shiva’s Wife - Goddess Parvati. The Skanda Purana says that sweat droplets emerged from the sweat of Goddess Parvati’s forehead, fell on a fertile piece of land on the Mandrachal Mountain, and gave birth to the tree - Bil. 

Thus, each part of the tree, including the fruits, stems, roots and leaves, hold the essence of Goddess Parvati. Presence of Goddess Parvati in each part of the tree made the tree and it’s leaves very dear to Lord Shiva. 

One of the other reasons that Bil Patre is offered to Lord Shiva, is its shape. It’s trifoliate leaf represents Hindu Trinity of Brahma, Vishnu & Mahesh and Lord Shiva’s Three Eyes. As this tree has a cooling effect, it is offered to the hot-headed deity, in the hope that he will remain calm and never open his third eye! 

It is also said that if one even touches the Bil Parte, he will be freed from all the negativities, ailments and sins of his life.

Thus, in every Shiv Pooja, Bil Patre leaves are a must, along with other pooja items.

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