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Why Do We Worship Kalasha?

Kalasha is a brass or copper pot filled with water. mango leaves are placed in the mouth of the pot and coconut is placed over it, a red or white thread is tied around its neck. When pot is filled with rice or water it is known as "purnakumbha", representing the inert body. Kalasha is placed with due rituals on all important occasions and festivals including gruhapravesha, wedding and more. It is also placed near entrance as a sign of welcome. The water in the kalasha symbolizes the primordial water from which the entire creation has emerged which is a "giver of life". The leaves and the coconut represents "creation", the thread represents the love that binds all the creations together. When 'asuras' and 'devas' churned the milky ocean, the lord appeared bearing the pot of nectar which blessed one with everlasting life which symbolizes 'immortality', thus kalasha is worshiped. 

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