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Why do we use Hibiscus Flower for Puja?

Puja is a worship ritual performed to offer devotional prayer to one or more deities. The entire act of Puja is a means of showing devotion to a deity and surroundings oneself at the altar, as a mask of true worship. 

We can find the importance of puja in the word itself. ‘Pu’ means purity and ‘Ja’ defines birth, which shows while we perform Puja we cleanse our mind, body and essentially take a new birth every day.

                                                                                                                       Goddess Kali

   A Flower for Puja

  • Hibiscus Flowers symbolises health, beauty, glory, delicacy, power, immortality and respect.
  • The flower Hibiscus is a divine creation made in such a way that it can absorb pranic energy into the centre, with force and flood it back into the place.
  • The red color flower is offered to Goddess Kali due to the shape and color of the flower representing Maa Kali’s tongue and fierceness. 
  • We also use Hibiscus flower in Lord Ganesh puja because Lord Ganesh is a form of mangal which is a part of Lord Shiva, the angry form of lord Ganesh. It’s believed that mangal’s favorite flower is Hibiscus due to its color.

Lord Ganesha


Flowers-like Hibiscus there are many traditional flowers that we use in our daily puja. So, get your farm fresh flowers from Rose Bazaar with beneficial puja flower subscription boxes.

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