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Why do we tie Mango Thorana

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  • Thorana is a garland-like decorative, made out of mango-tree leaves. It is used to adorn the doors of homes in all major festivals and auspicious occasions- be it the puja of a deity or even wedding functions. 
  • It is believed that mango leaves in bunches absorbs the negative energy. It is to eliminate negative effects from the place where the celebrations are held and to also stops the evil spirits from entering.
  • This auspicious mango leaves are embodied with many Gods and Goddesses. According to a legend, the significance of tying a mango leaves relates to God Murugan and God Ganesha who were fond of mangoes.
  • The color green is also refreshing and relaxing to the mind. Green leaves absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, so it helps in keeping the atmosphere clean and promotes health and hygiene.


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