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Why did Lord Ganesha curse the Moon? God stories

Enraged Lord Ganesha cursed the moon! But why?

Lord Ganesha cursed moon


As we all know Lord Ganesha loves to eat and because of that his stomach is very  prominent. It’s believed that one day Lord Ganesha was invited to a big feast, and to show him their devotion to Lord Ganesha, they had to prepare varieties of special sweets and his favourite dishes. That day Lord Ganesha  ate till everything got over. Due to overeating his stomach was swollen and a huge tummy was visible. So he decided to leave at night so no one could notice his huge bouncy stomach.

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At night when Lord Ganesha was on his way, he heard a loud laughing sound and he saw that the shining moon was laughing at his stomach. Because of the moon's satirical laughter Lord Ganesha got embarrassed and angry. He cursed the moon that his shine will be lost forever from the day onwards.

The moon begged for pardon to the Lord Ganesha. After some time Lord Ganesha calmed down, but unfortunately the curse cannot be taken back. So Lord Ganesha proclaimed that the moon will grow thinner each day and get invisible for one day in a month.

That day we call it Amavasya, and this day is considered as inauspicious day in the Hindu calendar.

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