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Vijaya Lakshmi, Goddess of Victory | Ashtalakshmi Pooja

Vijaya Lakshmi

Vijaya Lakshmi / Jaya Lakshmi

Vijaya Lakshmi, also known as Jaya Lakshmi represents the provider of victory, not only in battle but also for conquering hurdles in life to achieve success. Goddess Vijaya Lakshmi is a form of Ashtalakshmi ( 8 Goddess of wealth).

A long time ago, a man called Vidya Rannar worshipped the deity with great sincerity and clean heart devotion. The Goddess was very impressed with his dedication and appeared in front of him, but to test his insistence Goddess told him that no matter how much he prays, he will never be successful since he was born on a bad day. Though Vidya Rannar continued his prayer and lastly broke the chains of the materialistic world. This neutrality prodded him towards an ascetic life, seeing which the Goddess showered him with an abundance of riches.

Vijaya Lakshmi Stotram - 
||Jaya, Kamalaasani, Sadhguthi Dhaayini
Jnaanavikaasini, Gaanamaye, Anudhina
Marchitha Kunkuma Dhoosara Bhoositha
 Vaasitha, Vadhyanuthe,
Kanakadhaaraasthuthi vaibhava Vandhitha
Shankara Dhesika Maanyapadhe,
Jaya Jaya he, Madhusoodhana Kaamini
Vijayalakshmi, Paalayamaan ||

Unique Characteristics of Vijaya Lakshmi -

Goddess Vijaya Lakshmi  is depicted with red saree with eight arms carrying Chakra, Shankha, Sword, Shield, Lotus, Pasha, and other two in Abhaya mudra and Varada mudra asana.

Offering of Vijaya Lakshmi - 

Offering of Goddess  Vijaya lakshmi with a lighting lamp which shows a positive gesture of welcome of Goddess in house. Chanting Vijaya Lakshmi stotram with a clean heart and sincerity. It’s believed that music and vermillion are dear to Goddess.


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