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Use of Coconut for Pooja | Spiritual meaning of Coconut

Coconut for Pooja

Datta Anjaneya

Coconut  Known as “Narikela” in Sanskrit, Where ‘Nari’ means water and ‘Kela’ is fruit. We have seen the usage of coconut in many ways, but in India, the coconut is largely used for poojas. You have seen many people and pujaris break the coconut in front of deities. You can find that the coconut is the most demanded item that we brought for worship. Everything that we put for worship has its own spiritual significance. Just like Coconut also has its own spiritual significance while we break it in front of worship.

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Significance of Coconut - 

Rishi Vishwamitra is considered to be the procedure of coconut, where it defines that the upper part of the coconut shows that you have to work hard enough to achieve success in any work.

Also it’s believed that Coconut has a spiritual meaning, when we drink coconut water so it defines that we are cleansing our spirit. And lots of cultures around us are doing this practice. Mainly the coconut water symbolizes cleansing.

When a pujari or any person breaks the coconut while worshipping, it is considered to be a way of humbling yourself to God. In Kerala breaking a coconut is called “Muttarukkal”, where ‘Muttu’ means any difficulties and ‘arukal’ means removing. Which defines while breaking the coconut shows we are removing the difficulties or problems from our life.

It’s believed that if you find a coconut in your dreams, you could expect a gift. Expect to get something interesting. Also, though coconut is connected with cleansing, you can expect something to be purified in your life.

Why three eyes on coconut? 

- It’s believed that when Lord Vishnu took his embrace on earth he had brought Lakshmi, Coconut tree and Kamdhenu with cows. Three eyes on coconut shows the three eyes of ‘trinitate’. 

Coconut three eyes meaning


Use / benefits of coconut - 

  • Coconuts are also used for medical purposes, as they contain calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and sodium.
  • Coconut water could be used for the treatment for diarrhoea, aids indigestion, lower high blood pressure, treats acne and helps in appetite.

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