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Types Of Flowers Used On Varamahalakshmi

When it comes to Indian festivals, one of the most important things is the decoration. The most common item used in all religious occasions are flowers. Just like any festival Varamahalakshmi is no different. Here are some of the different types of flowers below that you can use for your varamahalakshmi celebrations.

Different types of flowers that used on Varmahalakshmi Pooja:

Lotus flower rosebazaar
  • Lotus 
    The Lotus symbolises not only purity, beauty and grace but also majesty, fertility, wealth, richness, knowledge and serenity. The Lotus is an integral part of the Indian culture. You can see that Goddess lakshmi is depicted as seated on a lotus, therefore this flower is offered during varamahalakshmi. You can get lotus stems or lotus garland on rosebazaar.in.
    Jasmine flower rosebazaar
    • Jasmine 
      Jasmine is famous for its rich, sweet and strong fragrance. Jasmine in many countries is said to symbolise peace and love. Due to this reason you see jasmine, in the form of a mola or thomalas being used in festivals, and it's no different during varamahalakshmi.
      Rose flowers rosebazaar
      • Roses

        Goddess Lakshmi symbolises married women. Therefore, red roses are said to be one of Her favourite flowers. You can decorate your puja room with these flowers in a bundle or dindu form.

        Sevanthi flower rosebazaar

        • Sevanthi

          These golden blooms signify optimism, happiness, friendship and loyalty. These flowers will bring out about an exotic feel when added to your other decoration arrangements. To buy these vibrant Sevanthi garlands for the festive season, log onto rosebazaar.in.

          Marigold flowers rosebazaar

          • Marigold 

            Another flower you can decorate your puja room with is Marigold. Marigold holds an important place when it comes to celebration of a festival or puja. It's presence makes all occasions vibrant and beautiful. Log onto rosebazaar.in to buy some vibrant marigold garlands for this festive season.

            Kanagale flowers rosebazaar

            • Kanagale

              One of the other items used as a decorative item is Kanagale. Kanagale is an evergreen shrub and it’s also known as Neriumm Oleander.


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