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Types of Flowers used in Ganesh Chaturthi | Rose Bazaar

Flowers are one of the valuable items for any Puja. It plays a very important role because it’s believed that flowers are the purest thing in the world. In Ganesh Chaturthi, we use varieties of flowers to impress the Lord Ganesha and also we use flowers for the decorations. Below there are 5 type flowers which are mainly used for Ganesh pooja.

5 Flowers which are used in Ganesh Chaturthi - 

Hibiscus rosebazaar

  • Hibiscus: Red colour flowers are dear to Lord Ganesha, so we can say this flower is special to Lord Vinayaka. Hibiscus is consumed by many people in a powdered form which is good for the heart. 

Marigold Rosebazaar

  • Marigold: As we know red flowers are dear to Lord Ganesha but the Yellow saffron Marigold (Genda) flower is Lord Ganesha’s favourite.

            (Marigold unknown facts…)

Chrysanthemum flower

  • Chrysanthemum (Sevanthi): There are varieties of the colour of this flower. For Ganesh Pooja, mostly yellow Sevanthi was used because it symbolizes love and sorrow.

Kanagale Arali

  • Kanagale Arali (Nerium Olender): It’s a nice fragrant flower which is an evergreen shrub grows up to 18-20 feet in height. Its seed and other parts were poisonous but these flowers are mostly used flower in poojas.

Dhurva grass

  • Dhurva grass: Dhurva grass is mainly used for Ganesh Pooja and also used in garlands, mola, etc. This grass is fragrant and dark in colour.

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