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The Meaning of Raksha Bandhan

What does Raksha Bandhan mean? It’s fairly obvious to many: it is a day where a sister ties a Rakhi to her brother and he in turn gives her some gift/sweets. Maybe you get a flower bouquet, maybe you get a spa voucher. It’s an excuse to get together as a family and maybe get some money from your reticent brother. 

But there’s also a deeper meaning to this festival. We have several mythologies for this festival: the story of King Bali and Goddess Lakshmi, Lord Indra and Sachi, Yama and the Yamuna as well as Krishna and Draupadi. It might seem a little confusing what exactly the root is when there's so many competing stories of where exactly the origin of this festival lies.

But if you look beyond the dates, the characters names and the subplots, these stories all blend together to look very similar. Because all these stories share one thing in common: it is not simply a biological relationship, or a festival of pleasantries. These stories all highlight the inescapable way in which we are dependent on our loved ones - how nobody makes in on their own. Even the gods need the protection, care and prayers of their sisters who love them. Queens need protection from brothers born to other mothers. The most beloved siblings still need some occasion to pause and take stock of their bond, and renew their dedication to each other. 

These stories teach us that no matter how old we get, there are some relationships where we are allowed to look them in the eyes and say, I need help, and know that no matter what, that call for help will be answered. It is knowing that not only is this vulnerability natural, it can strengthen a relationship. That by opening up to someone we give them a chance to 'show up' for us - and this is a gift to them too. Because is there any privilege more sweet than knowing that you can support the people you love, that the burdens they carry are made slightly lighter because they can count on your helping hand? 

Raksha Bandhan is the celebration of this special bond, one where there is mutual acknowledgement of the fact that at the end of the day, we’re in this together. It is the asking for and receiving assurance that on your worst days, at the worst times, when everything seems like it’s going to pieces - someone has got your back. 

This Raksha Bandhan, Rose Bazaar is offering a fresh flower Rakhi and four laddoos. This hand-made rakhi is 100% eco friendly: we use Areca leaves as the base, common twine as the thread and the beauty comes from the fresh flowers that are sewn on carefully by our artisans. This Rakhi is delicate, beautiful and it symbolises both the love and dedication that Raksha Bandhan celebrates. We wanted to create a Rakhi that would leave you and the Earth with a smile! We also wanted it to reflect the modern Rakhi relationship: that it is not always straight forward, that it is a two way street and that it is made more beautiful by it's vulnerability.

We hope that you enjoy this day with your loved ones and our fresh flowers! And to the brothers and various Rakhi-receivers out there: hope you pick out something sweet for the ones tying Rakhi for you from our gifting section! 


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