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Syamantaka Story - English

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Once in the homeland of Lord Krishna, Dwaraka, lived a mighty King Satrajita, who was a great devotee of Lord Sun. Due to his worshipping, he was gifted a magnificent gem called Syamantaka. It was believed that whoever devotedly worshipped the gem would be blessed with plenty of gold in return; meaning incessant prosperity.

One day, Lord Krishna too came to see the mesmerizing jewel, but Satrajit sensed suspicion and didn’t allow him to safeguard the jewel, on former’s request. Sometime later, on the fourth day of the Moon, Lord Krishna’s wife Rukmini Devi served him kheer. While eating Lord Krishna saw the reflection of crescent moon (cursed by Lord Ganesha), he sensed that he too will have to bear the curse of Lord Ganesha, according to whom anyone of see Moon on its fourth, will have false accusations and defamation befallen on them.

Meanwhile, the same day, King Satrajit’s brother Prasena, went out hunting taking along with him the Syamantaka gem. During the hunt, he was viciously attacked and killed by a lion, who mistook the shining jewel to fresh meat. The lion too away the gem with him inside his cave.

A bear by name Jambavanta (who helped Lord Ram in rescuing his wife Sita) killed the lion and gave the Syamantaka gem to his daughter Jambavanti. At his palace, when Prasena failed to return, Satrajit suspected Lord Krishna of killing his brother in greed of Syamantaka gem. Hearing off the rumors, made Lord Krishna upset. He himself went on searching for King’s brother Prasena, and found his lifeless corpse lying outside the cave.

Tracking the footprints of the lion, Lord Krishna went inside the cave, where he saw Jambvanti adorning the gem. Fearing that he came to attack his daughter for the gem, Jambavanta, asked Lord Krishna to fight with him. For 28 days, the two fought a continuous battle. Jambavanta knew the Krishna was not an ordinary prince, so he asked him to reveal his true identity.

Lord Krishna then reminded him of how he was born as Lord Rama in his previous birth, and how the latter helped him in rescuing his wife Sita. Jambavanta was quick to realize his mistake, and gave away the gem and his daughter Jambavanti as a gratitude to Lord Krishna (she later went on to be one of his 8 wives).

Upon his return, Lord Krishna went straight up to the palace of King Satrajit and handed him over his brother’s corpse and Syamantaka gem. Satrajit realized his mistake and asked for his apology. As gratitude, King Satrajit, offered his daughter Satyabhama’s hand in marriage and asked Lord Krishna to safeguard the Syamantaka gem.

It is believed that because of Lord Ganesha’s curse, Lord Krishna had to bear this defamation. Since that day, Lord Krishna himself started worshipping Lord Ganesha.


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