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Story of Kamdhenu sacred Cow | Hoovu Fresh

Cows are considered holy in Indian culture. One of the reasons is because  they are the earthly embodiment of the ‘Go Mata’ Kamdhenu. Kamdhenu in Sanskrit known as ‘Kamdhula’ means the one through whom all desires are fulfilled.

According to Hindu Mythology, Kamdhenu is considered the mother of all cows as well as the Eleven Rudras. Kamdhenu is worshipped as the divine wish fulfilling cow Goddess. 

Sacred cow Kamdhenu is known to exist in five different forms - Sunanda, Surabhi, Sumana, Susheela and Nanda. The four legs of this sacred cow symbolize the four texts of Vedas.

Four Yugas of Hinduism...

Kamdhenu cow

Origin of Kamdhenu:

There is no specific record of Kamdhenu’s origin story. Different scripture provides diverse versions of the story. But one of the common stories of Kamadhenu origin was, This divine cow emerged from the churning of ocean - ‘Samudra Manthan’. After the churning God decided to give Kamdhenu to the seven great Sages. Brahma ordained that she will supply milk and ghee, to be used for Yagnas.

Another common story mentioned in Devi Bhagavatam  Puranas, When Lord Krishna and Radha felt thirsty. Lord Krihsna created a cow Surabhi “Another name of Kamdhenu” who then milked it. While drinking the milk from the vessel, However vessel fell to the ground and broke. This milk became the ‘Kshirasagara’, the ocean of Milk. Also several cows emerged from Sourabhi. Krishna gifted these cows to Gopas.

There are multiple different stories of the divine cow and his origin.

Kamdhenu is known as the source of all prosperity, verily as the divine herself. Gomata also represents purity, fertility, selflessness and sacrificing nature.

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