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Significance of Dussehra dolls festival | Dussehra 2020

Dusshera dolls celebration - 

Navratri and Dussehra are one of the most important and major festivals that we celebrate every year. It’s celebrated all over the country but the celebration style is different ;I.e. In Northeastern side states people celebrate this festival as “Durga Puja” and western states celebrate this festival as “Ramlila” where they play various games, dance, sing and many more, and in the other hand in the south this festival is celebrated by decorating their house with dolls. Basically this tradition is celebrated by the families across Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. 

Dussehra dolls festival

Dussehra doll festival is also known as Golu’, ‘Kombe Habba’, ‘Bommai Kolu’. It’s a celebration of display of various dolls and figurines like an exhibition arranged as per custom. As per rituals, these dolls are worshipped during the festival. That is why it’s also called Dussehra dolls festival.

Significance of decorating Dussehra dolls - 

Since we all know that Dussehra is a celebration of victory against evil. When Goddess Durga has waged war against demon Mahisasur, all the Devi and Devtas gave her all their power to Goddess Durga as they all know that Mahisasur can’t be defeated easily. After giving all the power to her all the Devi and Devtas become powerless and mythology says they converted into the statue. 

After 9 days of battle, on the 10th day (Which is celebrated as Dussehra) where Goddess Durga get a victory against Mahisasur. As all the Devi and Devtas gave their sacrifice to get the victory of Dharma against evil, to pay them the respect this festival is observed by worshipping all the deities in form of dolls.

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