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Relation of Yoga and Traditional Flowers

We all are well known with Yoga but, Did you know most of the yoga poses are inspired by nature and flowers which have many beneficiary factors.

Yoga is a group of physical, mental and spiritual practices or discipline which originated from ancient India. The word yoga derived from the root of the Sanskrit word ‘Yug’ means to unite or join, yoke. Yoga is a perfect harmony between mind and body and human beings and nature.

The main purpose of Yoga is to foster the harmony in your body, mind and environment. Yoga defines self-realization and it benefits your physical system, mental, social and spiritual development. 

Yoga poses that are inspired by nature and flowers:


           orange tropical roses                                             Pranayama


 Tropical roses (Pranayama) - This is a breathwork that is used to calm the mind and body and exhale-inhale the fresh air. Pranayama which is also known as Nad Shodhana can help enhance your focus, reduce stress, anxiety, balance your hormones and give a positive mood. It’s a practice of breath control in yoga. 


    Tree pose (Vrksasana) - vrksasana is one of the fundamental poses of yoga. It is inspired by the tree. Like the tree has a strong root, this pose helps increase our balance and provide strength to your legs, ankle and spin.


 Flower pose (Vikasitakamalasana) - Flower pose which is also a favorite pose of children. For beginners, this pose may create some difficulties but it helps with your flexibility and increases your balance and strengthens your core.


Lotus pose (Padmasana) - Padmasana is also a fundamental and a basic pose of yoga. It looks simple but it requires focus and patience. It is a meditation pose which helps you on your concentration and also strengthen your back and ease menstrual discomfort.


Butterfly pose - This yoga pose is used at the end of your practice and close. Athletes also do this pose at the end of their practice session. This pose relaxes your nervous system and helps your body and mind for quick recovery. 

Yoga always follows the beauty of nature, and we all know that flowers are one of the most beautiful elements of nature. Flowers also give us a positive and energetic vibe in our environment. Thus, yoga and flowers are one of the best combinations to add on to your life.

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