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Pongal Meaning, Significance, and How to Conduct the Puja

Pongal festival puja meaning 2022

According to a popular legend, Lord Mahadev asked his bull, Basava, to ask every human being on earth to eat once a month and perform an oil massage and bath each day. By mistake, Busava asked the people to eat every day. In a fit of sudden rage, Lord Mahadev banished Busava to the earth, instructing him to help people multiply their food stock. 

The ritual of cattle worship during Pongal, a Hindu festival also known as Lohri in Maharashtra, is perhaps linked with this legend. It is the only festival that is taken from the Solar Calendar. From the day of Pongal or Sankranti, according to this calendar, the sun begins its journey northwards, known as Uttarayan.

Significance and rituals

In 2022, Pongal starts on the 14th of January and ends on the 17th of January. People in Tamil Nadu celebrate Pongal by drawing rangoli made from rice powder to welcome Goddess Lakshmi inside their homes. They also prepare Pongal rice, a dish consisting of jaggery, rice, and lentils. During this harvest festival, people tend to show gratitude towards Surya, or Sun God, who blesses them with the abundant produce.


The first of the four days is called Bhogi Pongal. God Indra, the Hindu God of Rain, is worshipped on this day. Kolam, or rice powder decorations, is made and pumpkin flowers are placed on balls of cow dung to show gratitude towards him.


The second day is dedicated to the Sun God, Surya. It is known as Surya Pongal. On this auspicious day, a big earthen pot is placed on a huge bonfire and a dish is cooked jaggery, rice, turmeric, and lentils. The preparation must boil over the earthen pots.


On the third day, also known as Mattu Pongal, cattle are worshipped. Finally, on the fourth day, people generally go out and meet and greet each other.


On these days, garlands of fresh flowers for puja are compulsory in all households. You can simply offer fresh, clean flowers to worship your idols at home.

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