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Marigold Puja Flower - Unknown Benefitary Facts


Marigold flower known as Genda, is commonly used in pooja on a daily basis. We almost use Genda essentially in all puja but along with puja, marigolds can also be used for indoor arrangements, often used in festivities honoring Mother Mary. One of the interesting facts is that these flowers are open when the sun is out. Therefore the Marigold is also called the “herb of the sun”, signifying passion and creativity. It’s availability makes any occasion or puja not only beautiful, but vibrant and energetic too. 

                                                              Marigold Flower For Pooja

                                                 Marigold Flower For Puja

Marigold flowers will bloom from mid-summer all the way to centil frost, growing up to 6-30 inches depending upon variety. Marigolds are usually yellow, orange, red, marron and sometimes mix in color. It’s very easily available and many farmers grow them amidst their vegetable crops where it becomes a pollination hub because of bees, especially the  honeybees and this flower is also an insect repellent.


                                          Honeybee On Marigold Flower

                                       HoneyBee On Marigold Flower

Benefits of Marigold Flower:

Studies prove that it has natural antibiotic properties which leads to many health benefits. Here is how marigold flowers help you with your health,

  1. Prevent arthritis related problems - Marigold flower juice or its paste can prevent the Arthritis related issues like Joint pain, Swelling, etc. It’s found that continuously consuming the margold juice or applying the paste on the area can reduce the effect. 

  2. Eyesight - If a person has a problem with night blindness or always feels like their eyes are burning then marigold works like a medicine here. You can use marigold water to wash your eyes every morning.

  3. Pain in teeth - It also helps when you feel a pain on the teeth, this pain comes due to causes like sensitivity, cavity, etc. Here you can boil the Marigold flower with water and then just gargle it, you can feel the change in some days.

  4. Pain in ear - Many people have ear pain issues which feels very bad. Putting Marigold paste on the ear or consuming it by making tea daily can help you to get rid of the pain.

  5. Strong immune system - Drinking a cup of marigold tea everyday can boost your immune system and also helps on your digestion related issues.

  6. Skin and rashes - Marigold also prevents the issues related to skin such as rashes, moles or warts, etc. it works like an antiseptic on your body.

  7. Kill cancer cells - Research shows that marigold has a liopin property in it which stops the growth of cancer cells and also kills the existing cancer cells. It mostly prevents Breast cancer, Skin cancer, Prostate cancer and Colon cancer.



The saffron yellow Marigold flower is known to be the favorite flower of lord Ganesha.

Marigold Puja FlowerLord Ganesha's Statue
Marigold Puja Flower                                                                                                                           Lord Ganesha's Statue


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