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Mahabharatha Quotes

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"I am Time, destroyer of worlds, fully developed, and I have set out here to bring the worlds to their end. Even without your presence in battle, all these warriors arrayed in opposing ranks will cease to be."

"I am Time, destroyer of worlds," is not just the most famous and quotable line from the entire Mahabharata, but a beautiful, profound one that poetically if plainly states the indiscriminate nature of the cosmos. The fact that time will kill all men, even warriors who achieve glory on the battlefield, is offered to Arjuna to encourage him to carry out his dharma without concerns for the deaths he will cause. Everyone meets the same ultimate fate, yet is Arjuna's duty to carry out his. In this segment of the Bhagavad Gita we also get a sense of the dharma of the gods, with Krsna as time carrying out his own actions with detachment.

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