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Lord Krishna’s Favourite Flower

Offering flowers to gods and goddesses plays a significant role in the Hindu tradition. Decorating temples or homes with flowers can be a beautiful way to connect with your Lord. 

Kadamba Flower


As per Hindu religious beliefs, each god has his or her favourite flowers and these have a remarkable ability to attract positivity, love or blessings. If you love or follow the teachings of Lord Krishna, read on to know about His favourite flower and how it will be spiritually beneficial to you. 

As per Hindu mythology, Lord Krishna is the avatar of Lord Vishnu. Younger Lord Krishna spent the lion’s share of his time in the Kadamba forest, where he used to take care of his cattle and play with his friends. Lord Krishna loves Kadamba flowers, full of mesmerising aroma. 

Kadamba is significant in Hindu traditions and mythology. A Kadamba tree blooms during the rainy season. Its flowers are round in shape and have a fruity smell. It is said that if you want to attract the love of Lord Krishna and His blessings, use Kadamba flowers as an offering in your morning prayer. 

When worshippers offer flowers at Lord Krishna’s feet, it evokes sharanagat-bhav. This bhav promotes spiritual healing in worshippers who receive positive energy or shakti in the form of a flower’s fragrance. Also, one can experience these energy waves or positive vibrations for more than a couple of hours at home.

So, do not forget to offer Kadamba flowers to Lord Krishna in your morning prayers. This way, you will express your gratitude to Lord Krishna and ensure positivity in your home.

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