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Importance of Sweets during the festivals | Type of sweets make during the festival

Sweets during festival

Use of sweets during festivals

It is evident that whenever any auspicious event occurs in India, people always prefer to make some special foods and dishes where sweets are always mandatory. Whether it is marriage, Holi, Diwali or any pooja rituals at home we always use sweets as prasad or as a welcoming the guests. 

In other words, we can say sweets which are also called ‘Mithayi’ are the small gesture of greeting people, family, friends. It is also a traditional ritual of considering sweets to be offered to our deities. 

Types of Sweets made in festivals -

There is a wide range of sweets that are made during festival seasons such as laddoo, barfis, gulab jamun, petha and more. But the common sweets that are used is besan laddoo, coconut laddoo and Gulab Jamun.

Apart from these traditional sweets, nowadays peoples are also sharing cakes, cookies, chocolates and many packaging items. Well, it’s upon people choices that what they will use but in today also we always use homemade sweets while offering to God and Goddess. Because sweets refer as pure and we always perform pooja with purity.

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