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Importance of Flowers in Puja

We all know the importance of flowers in our life whether it’s about puja or for the environment, though the importance of flowers in nature is everywhere. They provide natural medicine (Ayurved) for humans as well as animals and aid in a plant’s reproduction by enticing outside pollinators. But we use flowers in a different way, such as we use traditional flowers for our daily worship or puja. 

Offering Flowers for Puja is an important part of Hindu worship, we offer different flowers to different deities such as Jasmine is offered to Lord Hanuman, Marigold is commonly used in pujas but particularly offered to Lord Vishnu, Lotus flower is known for Goddess Laxmi.

 flowers for puja

Caption - Flowers for puja, Patrika


One of the most primitive tenets of Hinduism to worship is the elements of nature “Prakriti” and Flowers are one of the most beautiful things found in nature. Although puja flowers are also used for the decoration in the puja area and puja room.


We mostly use assorted flowers for every puja, but there are some flowers which may not be used for pooja such as Champaka, which is also known as golden Champa or yellow Champak. This flower is not used while worshipping Lord Shiva.

The science behind offering the flowers, leaves, scents and other aromatic substances is that these all have the characteristics of attracting positive and divine vibes from the surroundings. People consider flowers to be a manifestation of their devotional emotion “Astha” and offering of flowers for puja is a prayer that the deity grants us good health, wealth and prosperity.


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