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How to celebrate Varalakshmi Pooja | Varamahalakshmi 2021

Varamahalakshmi Pooja is one of the greatest festivals which is considered important, especially in South India. This is particularly important for not only the South Indians but also the North Indians. While people in North India celebrate festivals like Tej, people in South India celebrate this holy festival that is known as Varamahalakshmi.

It is believed that worshipping Varalakshmi on this day is equivalent to worshipping Ashtalakshmi, which means eight forms of Lakshmi -

  1. Adi-Lakshmi (The Great Goddess)
  2. Dhana-Lakshmi ( Goddess of prosperity and wealth)
  3. Dhanya-Lakshmi (The Goddess of food grains)
  4. Gaja-Lakshmi (The Elephant Goddess)
  5. Santana-Lakshmi (The Goddess of progeny)
  6. Dhairy Lakshmi (The Goddess of valour and courage)
  7. Vidya-Lakshmi (The Goddess of knowledge)
  8. Vijaya-Lakshmi (The Goddess of victory)

Like every festival, varamahalakshmi also has its own origin story. This story starts with Lord Shiva telling Parvati about the varamahalakshmi vratham.

How to celebrate Varalakshmi pooja?

Varalakshmi Celebration

This festival is celebrated by married women in order to commemorate the Goddess Varalakshmi. Worshipping Goddess Lakshmi is the same worshipping Ashtalakshmi; worshipping 8 Lakshmi’s. While the Varamahalakshmi Vrata by married women is performed mainly for the well being of their husbands, it can also be done for the well being of their families.

Varalakshmi vrat and rituals...

Early in the morning women after taking a bath, make a rangoli on the place where the kalasha is placed. The sacred Kalasha (brass/copper/silver) filled with rice and topped with fresh betel or leaves, sweets and savouries. a coconut and cloth are placed on the mandala and Lakshmi is invoked. Goddess is invoked by decorating the Kalasa with flowers, jewellery, vastra fruits, dry fruits, fresh grains.

Preparation for Varalakshmi Pooja…

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