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Gaja Lakshmi, Goddess of Elephants | Ashtalakshmi Pooja

Gaja Lakshmi


Gaja Lakshmi

Gaja Lakshmi which is the giver of power of royalty, also known as Elephant Lakshmi or Sawbhagya Lakshmi. Gaja Lakshmi is one of the most significant Ashtalakshmi aspects of the Goddess Lakshmi. 

According to mythology, Gaja Lakshmi once helps Lord Indra to regain his lost wealth from the depth of the ocean. This form of Goddess is the bestower and protector of wealth, prosperity, grace and royalty.

Gaja Lakshmi prayer - 

|| Jaya, Jaya, Dhurgathi, Naashini, Kaamini Sarva Phalapradha
Shaastrameye, Rathagajathuraga Padhaathi Samaavrutha
Parijanamanditha Lokamathe, Hariharabhrahma Supoojitha Sevitha
Thaapanivaarini, Paadhayute, Jaya, Jaya, He, Madhusoodhana Kaamini
Shri Gajalakshmi, Paalayamaam ||
Source - Ritsin

Unique Characteristics of Gaja Lakshmi - 

Goddess Gaja Lakshmi is depicted with red saree and four arms, carrying two Lotus flowers and other two arms on Abhaya mudra and Varada mudra asana. Goddess Gaja Lakshmi surrounded by two elephants bathing her with water pots and seated on Lotus.

Offering to Gaja Lakshmi - 

Offerings for Gaja Lakshmi should be lighting lamps and Lotus flowers, and all the essential items and the pooja room should be clean and maintained.

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