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Flower Garland | A Gesture towards Deities

In Indian culture flower garland which is also called “mala” is used as a symbol of respect and our positive gesture towards deities. It’s frequently used in the temples and home “puja room” to adorn the statue of deities.

Flower garlands represent Purity, Beauty, Peace, Love and Passion. Though they are also used on special occasions to welcome any important person. You can usually see the usage of flower garland on deities statues/photo frames or to any events welcoming Ministers or intellectual persons. The tradition of welcoming guests based on the ancient Indian dictum ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ which means “may the guest be a god into you”, which defines - like the God, the guests are also welcome by offering a garland.

As an Indian we always use the puja flowers garland on our puja to be successful. We use traditional flowers as well as garland, though garland is an important part of any Puja. 

But we also use garland in a different way -

In India Jasmine garland is used by women as hair adornments, known as “Gajara”. The most preferred flowers for garlands are red roses, spider lilies, frangipani paras, jasmine and marigold.

flower garland in women’s hair

Jasmine flower garland

Garlands are also used for decoration of houses, places and new vehicles such as cars and auto-rickshaws.

Alt text - flower garland on auto

Flower Garland

Betel leaves garlands are offered to deities after making the food offering as these leaves are known to aid digestion. Betel leaves garland and Tulsi garland are most commonly used garland in worships.

Tulsi garland

Tulsi Garland

(How to make a Garland…)

As we get to know Garlands made of flowers and leaves are the symbol of welcome, however we believe every particular flower garland are connected to the particular deities such as the garland made up of Dhruva means (Grass) is preferred for Lord Ganesha, and the garland of Ankada (crown flower) is for Lord Hanuman, for Lord Shiva Datura (moonflower) and for Maa Kali red Hibiscus are preferred. It’s believed that the characteristics of flowers are suited to specific deities.

Flowers and flower garlands have always been the sweetest part of our culture. So, Checkout the high range of flowers and flower mola’s on Rose Bazaar.

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