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Five Navratri decoration ideas at Home | Navratri 2022

Navratri decoration plays an important role because the nine-night festival is all about love, devotion and celebration. So, here are the 5 best decoration ideas to celebrate this Navratri 2022

5 Navratri decoration ideas at Home - 

  1. Creating Rangoli & Alpana - 

Rangoli is one of the great ideas for celebrating this Navratri. One of the best decorating ideas is to create the Rangoli with flowers and you can use a lamp and Diya as it brings additional beauty on the decoration.

  1. Decorating figurines and dolls - 

Decorating figurines and antique dolls are popular practices for celebrating Navratri. This practice is also called ‘Golu’ or ‘Dussehra dolls festival’, as per rituals, these dolls are worshipped during the festival.

  1. Hanging Toran - 

Hanging Torans, bells and balloons will bring additional beauty to your home decor. Hanging a Toran in the entrance or at the pooja room is considered auspicious and people also use traditional Torans made of mango leaf or banana.

  1. Creating Potpourri - 

Potpourri is a mixture of dried petals and spices placed inside the bowl which gives you a mild scented aroma. You can place it in the pooja room and also the main area of your house. Potpourri is one of the plus points for decorating for this Navratri.

  1. Colouring the house - 

We Indians love vibrant colour on festivals or any special occasion. So, colouring the walls of the pooja room and home interior which looks more bright and beautiful is a great idea for celebrating this festival. Many people consider natural and ethnic colours such as green, yellow, orange, etc. You can choose any of this according to your preference and budget.

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