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Different New Year Traditions in India

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India is a land with people of different cultures live together. This has resulted in there being different festivals in each culture. New year is celebrated differently in different parts of India and it is a grand event.

Ugadi – Telugu New Year

The competition is wide famous inside the state of province and province, inside the month of March-April (Chaitra month). The date of the competition follows the Hindu calendar system. The date brings inside the festivities where people get new clothes and have good traditional food.

Gudi Padwa – Sanskrit New Year

Celebrated on the first day of Chaitra month, Gudi Padwa can be a year day for Maharashtrians and Konkanis. On at the instant a gudi ar usually found hanging out on the correct side of the foremost access of the homes. (Gudi can be a bright yellow textile tied to the tip of Associate in Nursing extended bamboo and copper pot positioned on it at the side of a sugar garland).

Baisakhi – Punjabi New Year

Baisakhi is that the harvest competition, celebrated with nice eclat and splendor among the Sikhs. Marking the beginning of the year on thirteenth April and some time on fourteenth, the competition brings on people from all religion. Baisakhi collectively stands as a result of the day of the formation of the Sikh religion. the foremost necessary festivities ar usually seen happening inside the Golden temple in Amritsar at the side of U.S.A., Canada and UK.

Puthandu – Tamil New Year

The ancient year in Tamil starts in middle April either on 13 or fourteen April, or initial day of Tamil month Chithirai. people throughout this competition would really like each other “ Puthandu Vazthukal” which means happy year. The special food of this celebration is Mangai Pachadi, made-up from raw mangoes, nim tree flowers and sugar.

Bohag Bihu – Assamese New Year

Celebrated inside the center of April, Bohag Bihu marks the beginning of Associate in Nursing Assamese year. The competition is one in each of the foremost necessary competition of Assam that is celebrated with nice zeal, faith and belief.

Pohela Boishakh – Bengali New Year

Celebrated with nice enthusiasm throughout the center of April,The Nabo Barsho is that the Bengali year. The day brings in voluminous festivities at the side of several cultural programs, looking out and prayers. Pohela Boishakh is wide famous by grouping people in rough regions of Tripura and collectively in cities of different countries.

Bestu Varas – Gujarati New Year

Bestu Varas is that the Gujarati yr that marks the beginning of the harvest season in Gujarat so is discovered with nice fervor. The competition comes on the day once Diwali at the side of religious rituals and traditions. Marwaris of Rajasthan observe Diwali as a innovative year, as a result of the foremost pious day to start a innovative beginning.

Vishu – South Dravidian Year

Vishu is that the South Dravidian yr, discovered the same as a innovative Year elsewhere in Republic of Asian country, but usually on day of the calendar. It’s one in each of the foremost in vogue ancient celebration, followed by the people of Kerala.

Hijri – Moslem New Year

The Muslim year Begin on the first day of Moharram as a result of the Mohammedan calendar does not line up with the calendar and exclusively thanks to that the date for the Muslim yr or Moharram vary as per calendar. The year is wide famous with ancient customs & traditions for incoming spring.


The Losoong is one in each of the foremost celebrated and ancient competition of geographic region, celebrated in Dec. The competition marks the tip of harvest season and so the beginning of the year for people of geographic area. it’s collectively observed as as ‘Sonam Losar’ the farmer’s year.

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