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Conversation about Dharma | Bhagvad Gita: Ch. 2, Verse 7

Today’s Shloka is from Bhagvad Gita Chapter - 2, verse 7. When Krishna Says -

Bhagvad Gita Chapter 2, verse 7


Meaning: This shloka is also known as the “self surrender of Arjun” shloka. While Chapter 1 sets the context of the Gita, the true teachings of Shri Krishna start after shloka 7. The importance of this shloka is in the word “prapanam” meaning surrender, where Arjuna, after being confused about dharma, whether he should fight or not fight, surrenders himself at the feet of Lord Krishna and asks for his guidance.

This beautiful shloka is a reminder to us that when we need to work on our intent to surrender and have faith and as we do, the Divine will always guide us and show us the right direction. The beauty of Arjun as a devotee comes out in this shloka where, he doesn’t ask Krishna to help him with the war, or make the war disappear, instead he asks for direction, he instead asks Krishna “what is good for me”, therefore reminding us that our duty at all times is to focus on what is good for us - good, being defined as that which will take us towards our divine, spiritual Self, that which is Dharma. It’s a reminder about the power of prayer and the ability we have to use prayer to always direct us in the direction of our innermost divinity.

Till we fully surrender to God, we can’t expect to hear him. He is always guiding us, but only once we surrender are we ready to listen to the Universe’s message to us. Surrender is not blind faith but the realisation that there is a higher power that is rooting for me and guiding me and this higher power lies within me. It is, at the most basic level, faith in ourselves, for if we don’t have faith in our innermost Self, how can we expect others to?

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