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Conversation about Dharma | Bhagavad Gita Ch. 2, verse 20

Today’s Shloka is from Bhagvad Gita Chapter - 2, verse 20. When Krishna Says -

Bhagavad Gita ch.2 verse 20


Meaning: By describing the characteristics of the Self, Shri Krishna reminds us about the most integral spiritual characteristic, Fearlessness. What do we have to fear when the True Self can neither be destroyed nor created, is eternal and is independent of the existence of the body. To think that we’re something beyond the body seems abstract, yet if we are the body, which part of the body are we? The Soul/Energy/Divine, whatever one chooses to call this power that lies within us, every spiritual text emphasizes the existence of this powerful force. 

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The Self is eternal and the beauty of the body is the ability to manifest the Self. So when Arjuna is gripped with fear during the battle of Kurukshetra, Shri Krishna emphasizes to him the power of the Self and how the features of change, while they apply to the body, do not apply to the Self.

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