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Birth story of Lord Krishna | Eighth Avatar of Lord Vishnu

Birth of Lord Krishna is celebrated as a Krishna Janmashtami which is also known as Gokulashtami, Sree Jayanti, Yadukulashtami, etc. Krishna Janmashtami 2020 is going to celebrate on 11th August

Krishna was the eighth avatars of Lord Vishnu where in Puranasas, Krishna is described as the supreme being and creator of the universe.

Birth story of Lord Krishna -  

Krishna's Birth story


Once a time, Mathura’s king Kansa had a sister name as Devaki. As Devaki wants to marry the Prince of Yadava Vasudeva, Kansa agreed to Devaki get married so he can take over the Yadavas clan. When she gets married, a fortune-teller told Kansa that one of the Devaki’s child bring death of his life. After hearing this Kansa got worried and decided to kill Devaki but the Yadavas prince Vasudeva begged for his wife’s life and promised he will be handed each child to Kansa as soon as it was born. Kansa then let go of his sister and put both of them in prison and make sure that none of Devaki’s child will survive. 


Krishna was the eighth child of Devaki and Vasudeva. Before that, seven children were killed by Kansa. However, at the night Krishna was born one of the Vasudeva’s friend Nandaraja, the head of Gopa tribe and his wife Yashoda had also given birth to a baby girl on the same night. After Krishna was born a bright light was filled up in the prison. Vasudeva woke up by the divine voice which comes from the light. That divine voice-guided Vasudeva to take Krishna out of here and cross the Yamuna and exchange the child with his friend Nandaraja and Yashoda’s child. Vasudeva secretly carried baby Krishna in a basket and get across Yamuna river. It was not easy to cross the Yamuna as then Lord Vishnu’s sesh Naag, Multi headed snake come and helped Vasudeva to carry Krishna safely across the river. Then he secretly exchange the baby Krishna with girl child and bring her to the prison. Baby starts crying in the prison, guards hear the voice and informed Kansa. Though Kansa was ready to kill the eighth child of Devaki and Vasudeva. 

Devaki begged to Kansa not to kill a baby, but Kansa won’t listen but when he tried to kill the baby, the baby transforms into Goddess Durga and warned Kansa that his death had arrived in his Kingdom. She said she could kill him then and there only but Kansa’s end had to be timely and the Goddess vanished.

Krishna live and grow up in Gopa tribe with Nandaraja and Yashoda.


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