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Adi-Lakshmi, an ancient form of Lakshmi | Ashtalakshmi pooja

Adi Lakshmi


Adi-Lakshmi which means protector or source is considered the origin of all existence. Adilakshmi which is also known as Maha Lakshmi (primeval Lakshmi or great lakshmi) is the incarnation of Lakshmi of daughter of the Suge Bhrigu. Adi-Lakshmi is an ancient form of Lakshmi as It’s believed that all the Gods and Goddesses originated from her. Adilakshmi is the divine principle as wealth that supports a seeker to reach at his source of consciousness. 

Unique characteristics of Adi-Lakshmi - 

She is considered as a symbol of clear knowledge, purity, cleanliness thoughts, etc. since she is depicted as four arms, where two arms are in Abhaya mudra and Varad mudra and in other two arms she holds a Lotus and white flag.

Foods offered in varalakshmi pooja...

Pooja Offering to Adi-Lakshmi - 

Firstly we shouldn’t offer any white flowers to Adi-Lakshmi, since she represents married women. So, it’s considered to offer all types of red and colorful flowers that represent love and purity. While offering flowers and other essentials chanting the Ashtottara Shatanamavali is also considered a way to communicate with Goddess.

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