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10 Unkown facts that we need to know about Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha
  1. Meaning of Ganesh or Ganpati - These both are Sanskrit word comprising of two where ‘Gana’ means a group and ‘isha’ or ‘pati’ defines master or ruler. 
  2. Ganesh word - According to Ganesh Puran, the Muladhara chakra of the human body is also known as Ganesh.
  3. Colour of Lord Ganesha - According to Shiv maha Puran, Lord Ganesh’s colour was green and red.
  4. There are 108 different names of Lord Ganesha - Lord Ganesha was known with 108 different names such as Pitambara, Lambodara, Mangal Murti, Vignahara and many more.
  5. Wives & child of Lord Ganesh - According to Shiv maha Puran, Lord Ganesha had two wives Ridhi and Sidhi and had two sons, Subh and Labh.
  6. Ganesha as a writer - The great story Mahabharata was written by Lord Ganesha as sage Ved Vyasa narrated it. (How Lord Ganesh writes the story of Mahabharat)
  7. Ganesha cursed Tulsi - According to Brahmavart Puran, one day Ganesha was meditating in the banks of Gangas. Seeing Ganesha meditating Tulsi Devi got attracted towards him and asked him to marry her, but Ganesha refuses. In anger, Tulsi Devi cursed Ganesha that he will marry soon but in return, Ganesha cursed her to be a plant. 
  8. Ganesha known with different names in a different language - Lord Ganesha was known with different names in different languages such as in Tamil he is known as ‘Pillai’ or ‘Pillaiyar’, in Burmese known as ‘Maha Peinne’, in Thai as ‘Phra Phikanet’ and in Sri Lanka as ‘Gana Deniyo’.
  9. Jaya and Vijaya’s decision to create Lord Ganesha - Mata Parvati’s friends Jaya and Vijaya told Parvati to make Lord Ganesha because Nandi and others follows the instruction of Lord Shiva. So, they want there should be someone who follows Parvati’s order.
  10. Ganesha cursed Moon - Once Lord Ganesha got angry when the moon laughed at his fat belly. As a result, Lord Ganesha cursed moon and said that whoever will look at the moon he would be falsely blamed. That’s why many people believe not to look at the moon on Ganesh Chaturthi.

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  • Thank you for this nice information. Lord Ganesh is always worshipped any new ritual started.

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