10 Unkown facts about Dussehra that you should know | Dussehra 2020 – Rosebazaar India

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10 Unkown facts about Dussehra that you should know | Dussehra 2020

Dussehra 2020

Dussehra festival is one of the greatest festivals of India that is celebrated very hugely by the devotees. It’s celebrated every year in the month of Autumn with Navratri festival. The celebration of Dussehra signifies the victory of Dharma over evils and it’s also known as ‘Vijayadashmi’.

As we all know, on this day Lord Rama slew Ravana and Goddess Durga defeated demon Mahisasur after 9 days of battle. Thus, this auspicious day was recognised as a Dussehra. But there are many unknown facts that we don’t know about this festival.

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Unknown facts about Dussehra that you should know -

  1. One of the most interesting and unknown facts is on this day Ashoka converted to Buddhism. This is the reason why in Nagpur’s Deekshabhumi, Dussehra is celebrated as an Ashoka Dashami.
  2. Ayudh puja is also performed during Dusshera. Ayudh Puja is also known as Astra Puja in North Indian states.
  3. In some part of Indian states, Ravana is also worshipped such as Mandsaur and Vidisha in Madhya Pradesh.
  4. The word Dussehra comes from the Sanskrit word "Duss Hara".
  5. In South India especially in Tamil Nadu Dussehra is called Golu festival where people decorate their houses with dolls which represents different deities who helped Goddess Durga by sacrificing their power and it’s believe that they converted into idols.
  6. Dussehra is also important ocassion for farmers. The day is marks as a harvesting of crops and showing of Rabi crops.
  7. On Dussehra Pandavas completed their exile of 13years.
  8. Dussehra was the day when Dr. B.R Ambedhkar converted to Budhism.
  9. On this day Goddess Chamundeswari is worshipped on the city of Mysore where all the buildings and houses are decorated with different color and lightes.
  10. It’s believed that on Dussehra, Goddess Durga along with her children Ganesh, Lakshmi, Kartik and Saraswati come to earth on her birthplace to stay.


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