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10 different types of roses and their meaning

Roses are known because of their symbolic versatility. Different roses represent different meanings. Roses are known as the most beautiful elements in the world as it’s considered this flower was loved by lord Vishnu. 

According to mythology once lord Brahma and lord Vishnu debated about the most beautiful flower, where lord Brahma was considering lotus and for lord Vishnu it’s roses. When they didn’t come up with any solution then lord Vishnu finally took lord Brahma to his sublime garden and showed his shrub/celestial of roses filled. At the end lord Brahma also agreed with lord Vishnu.

Many people like to plant roses in their home garden or on a farm. Thus  the best time to plant roses is during dormant season, throughout autumn and from late winter to early spring.

10 different types of roses -

Apricot rose
  1. Apricot rose - 

The name of the rose comes from its color. It’s a double or cupped flower type with Apricot color. Basically it grows in the late spring and continues all summer. This rose also has another name called ‘Teasing Georgia’.

Crimson rose

  1. Crimson rose - 

This flower name also comes from its color. But its other name is ‘Falstatt’. It is a Grandiflora type of rose which has a strong fragrance as well as beautiful color.

Coral rose

  1. Coral rose - 

It is fully resistant to powdery mildew and black spots in it which gives a very attractive view.Though it has a very light fragrance.

Red rose

  1. Red rose - 

Red roses are the most common rose where you can find anywhere. Red roses are often considered as a universal color of love. Though the meaning of its color conveys a deep attraction. 

Yellow rose

  1. Yellow rose - 

Yellow rose is a symbol of friendship. We often see the use of this rose on Valentine's Day with red roses. It is a florida type rose which has a very sweet smell. Its other name is ‘Julia child’.

Peach rose

  1. Peach rose - 

Basically it seems like a light skin color but it is a combination of apricot, pink and orange color. It is mostly found in bushy areas.

Two-tone red rose

  1. Two- tone red rose - 

It is also a Grandiflora type rose which has a slight fragrance and has dark green leaves in the bottom. 

Orange rose

  1. Orange rose - 

This rose type indicates enthusiasm and passion. This is also a grandiflora type rose which smells like a mild apple with strong fragrance.

Light pink rose

  1. Light pink rose - 

This type of rose symbolizes gratitude, grace and joy. This type of rose suggests a gentleness compared to other roses.

Multicolor rose

  1. Multicolor rose - 

This type of roses looks very beautiful where you can see a mix of colors. Orange, pink and yellow are the most common colors of multicolor roses. 

As a traditional culture we always use roses in our puja and also for puja room decoration. Thus get a high range of roses and rose garlands only available on RoseBazaar with monthly subscription packages.

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